A high-performance framework for dense cellular suspension flows

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In a nutshell

HemoCell is a framework for simulating dense suspensions of deformable cells, focusing on blood. It is based on the combined Immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method (IB-LBM) and is built on top of the open source C++ lattice Boltzmann solver Palabos.

Documentation and downloads

The HemoCell framework is available as source code or as singularity image under the AGPL v3 license (for details see the file LICENSE in the package). The code can be compiled on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows 10 using the linux subsystem extension.

Features & Gallery

Designed for performance

The framework was built using C++ & MPI with efficiency in mind. It has been proven to have excellent scaling properties.


Both single cell mechanical behaviour and blood rheology were compared to experimental results! See this paper.


Adding new material models and cell types is simple! See this paper.


Data is stored in compressed HDF5 files, suitable for parallel access and ready to be visualised!

HemoCell 2D

A validated two dimensional lattice Boltzmann model for blood plasma with a discrete element method for both red blood cells and platelets coupled by the immersed boundary method.

Key properties: Fortran, Parallelized with MPI, Suspension rheology validation, Easily used to test large sets of parameters

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We believe that by allowing free access to the community we can further inspire development and distribution so that a large number of scientists can benefit from its capabilities. We hope that you will also find the software useful and encourage you to contribute enhancements and improvements back. If you have questions or remarks about HemoCell, please contact us via e-mail!


Our official mailing list is a low-requency list (1-2 mails per year) created to inform users and potential users about important new features and other significant changes.


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