HemoCell’s User guide

When using HemoCell please cite the corresponding HemoCell paper(s) [1].

HemoCell implements an immersed boundary method with a lattice Boltzmann method and langrangian structure points for the cells. The lattice Boltzmann method is implemented with the help of the Palabos library. On top of that HemoCell manages the structures (material, cells) and the interactions between these and the fluid. The update of the forces of the mechanical model of a cell are highly optimized as is the interaction between the fluid and the mechanical model.


HemoCell is developed and maintained by the following persons, where any questions can be directed towards: info@hemocell.eu.

Gábor Závodszky

Developer and Co-PI

G.Zavodszky at uva.nl

Alfons Hoekstra


Ben Czaja


B.E.Czaja at uva.nl

Christian Spieker


C.J.Spieker at uva.nl

Max van der Kolk

Developer and package maintainer

M.vanderkolk at uva.nl

Mark Wijzenbroek

Package maintainer

Lampros Mountrakis

Former developer

Victor Azizi

Former developer

Britt van Rooij

Former developer

Saad Allowayyed

Former developer

Daan van Ingen

Former contributor

Hendrik Cornelisse

Former contributor

Mike de Haan

Former contributor

Kevin de Vries

Former contributor

Jonathan de Bouter

Former contributor

Roland Joo-Kovacs

Former contributor

When using HemoCell please cite the HemoCell paper:

  author={Závodszky, Gábor and van Rooij, Britt and Azizi, Victor and Hoekstra, Alfons},
  title={Cellular Level In-silico Modeling of Blood Rheology with An Improved Material Model for Red Blood Cells},
  journal={Frontiers in Physiology},